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 JFoundation™ Mission Statement (Abbreviated Version)

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PostSubject: JFoundation™ Mission Statement (Abbreviated Version)   Sat Apr 11, 2009 8:30 am

Saturday April 11, 2009
EIN: 32-0279564 ; J. Johnson Foundation Group NFP
dba/Public Trade Name:- H. G. C. Y. J. JJFGroup NFP
Founder/Owner/Chief (Emeritus): Jan Johnson
Charter Date: January 10, 2009
Foundation Email: Foundationqanda@aol.com
Foundation Web Address: http://www.jfoundation.goodearths.com
(Affiliate) Medsite Web Address: http://www.onlinecliniqueforum.forumotion.com
(Affiliate) Organic Web Address: http://www.onlinealchemieforum.forumotion.com

JFoundation™ (Not-for-Profit) Mission Statement (Abbreviated Version)
Global Mission: To affect and support socio-economic recovery (and International Scholarship and Advance) through (use of multi-media) education, literature, charity and proactive goods and services.

I. EIN: 32-0279564 ; J. Johnson Foundation Group NFP
dba/Public Trade Name:- H. G. C. Y. J. JJFGroup NFP
(Note: dba is also Trademarked -- ™ )

Mission Statement: J. Johnson Foundation Group-NFP™

The J. Johnson Foundation Group NFP (EIN#32-0279564) is a (Catholic) faith-based, Private (family-administered) Not-for-Profit, sub-parent, entity with accompanying affiliates and subdivisions and trusts; parent entity-emeritus, so permanently being the Estate of J. Johnson, individual (ID/social-security-number-NOT-included for privacy laws/security reasons--if this site and/or any of it's affiliates and/or pages appears altered to include any social security numbers) please report to Federal Authorities--Note: Some Reports on file with Probate and CPD), whose charitable mission is to serve as a global resource for individuals, groups and institutions. Our global mission and goals since inception are and have been to:

•Affect socio-economic recovery through (use of multi-media) education, literature, charity and
proactive goods and services.
•Promote International Scholarship and Intellectual Advance of Eligible Individuals and Groups
including, but not limited to Women, Children and international scholarly immigrants from
Africa, Asia and the North Americas [ ref. also: II. EIN#32-0279565; J Johnson Foundation
Group Educational Fund NFP ; public dba: IB CPLA JJFGroup NFP Educational Fund].
•Reduce Poverty and Social Strife.
•Strengthen and Promote Ethical and Moral Responsibility through dissemination of core
educational literature and resource materials and references/referrals.
• As Per Diem: General and Specialized Academic (and as needed select-program intervention) Support, Internship-mentorship and likewise appropriate referrals and recommendations (and as planned future scholarship support for eligible candidates).
• General and Specialized Wellness Support (in the areas of : General (Gender-Battery-Related)support program referrals and recommendations for non-medicated-medical-psychiatric therapy) as may be needed in the proactive survival process of moving forward.
•Advance of the realization of individual human potential.

There is no challenge facing the future of society, greater than the challenge to realize and fulfill the qualitative, quantitative potential and responsibility that is the privilege of being human. We believe that the best way to fulfill this responsibility is through dissemination of information, resource-referrals and also through goodly, gentile stewardship in the form of encouragement, education and socio-intellectual support systems, literature and goods and services that promote, encourage and facilitate development and growth of self-sustaining, peaceful, democratic, political, economic, intellectual, scholarly and dynamic (not-for-profit) social systems.

We primarily provide and disseminate referral information, and educational literature and materials as well as educational grants and scholarships that target key groups and individuals (including, but not limited to Women, as well as international scholarly immigrants from Africa, Asia and the North Americas). And also in further support of the humane ecosystem and human ecology, to include but, is/are not limited to general and specialized services recommendations and referrals (i.e., academic/scholarly, drug-free-medical-psychiatric, although our focus is primarily academic/scholarly in nature, it is in support of these eligible scholarly professionals that we will be able to affect the qualitative/quantitative cohesive social-support for all peoples, everywhere, ethically and lawfully (for the promotion and sustenance of lawful, serene existence without boundaries).

Eligible Candidates specializing in fields to benefit the ecosystem and human ecology as (drug-free-medical-and-psychotherapy: MD/JD track preferred) ; organic-industrial-farming-and-horticulture ; environmental, civil and criminal law (MD/JD preferred-JD credentialed applicants only) ; geology-geography-and-cartography ; medical-fitness-and-nutrition (MD-credentialed applicants only) ; dental-medicine (DDS/DDM credentialed applicants only) ; veterinary medicines (DVM) currently enrolled, in attendance at, rotating at, or are graduates (less than 2 years) of the following institutions: Oxford (London, UK ; Harvard (USA) ; Yale (USA) ; University of Illinois (Chicago or Urbana campus /USA) ; Dartmouth (USA) ; Smith (USA) ; Howard University; The Art Institute of Chicago (Film/Director and Cinematography track only / USA).

Created and chartered by: J. Johnson; J. Johnson Foundation Group, Not-for-Profit, is an independent, PRIVATE (Johnson-family-administrated) Not-for-Profit, nongovernmental organization and entity, held in trust-emeritus of/and/by (my and/) the Estate of J. Johnson (individual and estate), with its own board composed of and limited to pre-selected eligible family members. Program employees/non-emplyees/interns/and the like (etc.,) must successfully protect, enforce and duly execute the foundation founder’s [J. Johnson (faculty advisor formerly attached to the University of Illinois at Chicago (GPPA/Graduate Professional Program Admissions: (Genius (Highest) Honors & Advanced (High) Honors Specialist—All Campuses), Special Projects Unit; &/and other groups admissions/program specialist as well as general (summer session only) admissions and advising, -all Illinois campuses/all students), researcher, etc...) ***] goals and strategies for promoting, protecting, executing, achieving, enforcing and funding JJFGroup NFP (et., al. affiliates and subdivisions, (including) affiliated estate/s, etc.), unified, uniform charitable global mission as so incepted.

Leadership and Governance: J. Johnson Foundation Group NFP (EIN#32-0279564) J. Johnson Foundation Group NFP (EIN#32-0279564) trustees protect, enforce and promote policies as set forth by Foundation founder J. Johnson (Founder, President, Trustee, Etc., CEO, COO, CFO emeritus) , relating to fundraising, for the purpose of dissemination of scholarships, grant making, and relevant, related informational referrals (including, but not limited to health, finance (homebuyer’s information), philanthropy and also future development of superiorly esthetic-green-eco-friendly affordable housing, as well as geographic focus, for spending, investment, management, governance and professional standards, and they also must protectively enforce and oversee internal and independent audits. They also must duly abide by and protectively enforce, execute and promote the permanently-pre-set limited compensation and review the performance of all foundation employees/non-employees/interns/and the like (etc.,) as predetermined and duly set forth by founder J.Johnson.
Note: BOTH, the Director’s Board and Trustees’ Board (aka Executive (Trustee) Board) membership is and are permanently an unpaid position/s, and BOTH must be comprised of eligible family members of J.Johnson, forming a majority (unpaid in this service) , who have been in volunteer service to OR employed with/by J. Johnson Foundation Group, NFP (for at least 10 years or more) and at least 3 Clerics (at least 1 must be ‘active’) in good standing with the (Catholic) Church who also meet credentials requirements. In the event that no eligible family members are available, Board members will be comprised of (unpaid) Clerics (both active AND retired) possessing (MD/PhD/JD/+plus) credentials, being also in good standing with the (Catholic) Church. Board members and trustees/employees/non-employees/interns/and the like (etc.,) are evaluated every 6-months, by a 6member Co-Executive-Trustee-panel, with some consideration and weight given to evaluations filed by all voting and non-voting board members as well...

NOTE: Due to security issues, please be advised that FCC (FEDERAL) regulations do not allow for violations of internet protocols (including unauthorized access/site/board jumping) ]. Also Personal ID/Social-Security-numbers- areNOT-included for federal privacy laws/security reasons--if this site and/or any of it's affiliates and/or pages appears altered to include ANY social security numbers or NON-BusinessOnlyContactNumbers and/or addresses or/and unusual/repetitive typographical errors--i.e., illegal copyrights infringement) please report to Federal Authorities--Note: Some (stalking) Reports on file with Probate and CPD).


Jan Johnson
J. Johnson Foundation Group-NFP™ (et., al., etc.)
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JFoundation™ Mission Statement (Abbreviated Version)
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